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Tennessee Associated Electric is a trusted and certified ABB DistributorOur team is equipped with two ABB Drive Specialists to help ensure all your service needs are met. As a groundbreaking leader in technology, ABB offers an extensive range of premium quality solutions including motors, switches, terminal blocks, circuit breakers, and contactors. For more information on ABB’s collection of products, visit their website.

Our ACS880 industrial drives offer a wide power of voltage range from 0.55 to 9200 kW, 230 to 690 V, and are equipped with built-in safety features, removable memory units, and energy optimizers for easy service. In addition, ABB offers several interfaces for the data transfer of drives and system integration.  

ACS880 Industrial Drives
0.75 to 100 Hp (240V); 0.75 to 1950 Hp (480V); 5 to 4250 Hp at 575/690 VAC 

ACS880 Industrial Drives
0.75 to 250 Hp (240V); 2 to 2250 Hp (480V); 5 to 3000 Hp at (600V) 

ACS55 Micro Drives
0.25 to 0.5 Hp(120V); 0.25 to 3 Hp (240V) 

ACS150 Micro Drives
0.5 to 3 Hp (240V); 0.5 to 5 Hp (480V) 

ACS255 Micro Drives
0.5 to 20 Hp

ACS310 General Purpose Drives
0.5 to 15 Hp (240V); 0.5 to 30 Hp (480V) 

ACS335 Machinery Drives
0.5 to 15 Hp (240V); 0.5 to 30 Hp (480V) 

ACS380 Machinery Drives
1.25 to 3 Hp (240V, 1 ph); 0.5 to 10 Hp (460V) 

ACS580 General Purpose Drives
1 to 350 Hp (450V) 

ACS550 General Purpose Drives
0.75 to 100 Hp (240V); 1 to 550 Hp (480V); 1.5 to 150 Hp (600V) 

DC Drives Industrial Drives
10 to 3000 Hp (500V); 200 to 3250 Hp (600V); 700 to 4000 Hp (700V) 

Visit ABB for more information and to see a full list of low-voltage drives. 

Control, Installation, Power Breakers, Switchgear, Enclosures, & Terminals. 

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The new Compact Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) by ABB is a compact, economical and innovative solution that delivers high-class safety and simpler operation in 40% less space. 

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General Purpose
Three Phase Enclosed/Open; Single Phase Enclosed/Open 

Severe Duty
XT Severe Duty; XEX Severe Duty; IEEE 841XL; 661XL; Crusher Duty; RPM Xe eXtreme Efficient; Quarry Duty – Design C; Dirty Duty® Plus 

Washdown Duty
56J Jet Pump; Brake; Close-Coupled Pump; Feather Picker; Food Safe Stainless Steel; Inverter; Paint-Free; Stainless Steel; Vector; White Washdown 

General Purpose; Chiller/Cooling Tower; EC Titanium; EC Gold Series 

Variable Speed AC
AC Laminated Frame – RPMAC; AC VS Master; AC Inverter/Vector Duty; Cooling Tower; EC Titanium; RPM XE eXtreme Efficient; Top Drive Drill; Synchronous Permanent Magnet

Explosion Proof
General Motors; Severe Duty; Drill Rig Duty; Pump Motors; Submersible/Immersible 

Vertical P-Base; Submersible/Immersible; JM,JP,WCP Close Coupled; Fire Pump; 56J Pump Motors; EC Titanium Motors 

Clutches & Brakes
D-Series; Fractional Horsepower; Shaft Mounted; Clutch & Brake Modules 

Farm Duty
Aeration Fan; Auger Drive; Dairy/Vaccuum Pump’ General Farm Duty; Grain Dryer/Centrifugal Fan; Grain Dryer/Vane Axial Fan; Grain Stirring; Incubator/Hatchery Vent Fan; Instant Reversing; Irrigation Tower Drive; Metering Pump; Premium Efficient Farm Duty Motors; Universal Crop Dryer 

Definite Purpose
2-Speed; Pressure Washer; U-Frame; Automotive Duty 

Unit Handling
General Unit; High Cycle Brake; D-Series Brake; Short-Series Brake 

IEC Frame Motors
Process Performance; Brake; Roller Table; Smoke Extraction; General Performance; Permanent Magnet; Water Cooled; Motors for Explosion Atmospheres; Laminated Frame 


Fractional & Integral Hp
• RPM II Motors
• Round Frame Motors
• RPM III Mine Motors
• Lifting Magnet Motors 

Permanent Magnet
• General Purpose Motors
Explosion Proof Motors
• Fractional HP Motors 

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